What is trench digging?

Trench Digging in excavation is the creation of a depression in the earth generally deeper than it is wide, as well as narrow compared to its length.

Propery safety and equipment while trenching is very important, this is one of the most dangerous parts of excavation!

What is the purpose of trench digging services?

Trench digging is essential to prepare to install utilities such as gas, water, and electricity underground.

Excavating trenches clears the way to provide proper drainage and to form the footing for the foundation.

What is the cost of grading and clearing land?

The cost of trench digging depends on a few factors. Generally it costs about $400-$1,200 depending on a few factors.

What factors influence the cost of land clearing and grading?

  • Size of the project
  • Time of year
  • Amount and density of rocks and boulders

These factors will help to determine what heavy machinery is needed to complete the job and they allow for the estimation of man hours required.

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