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From clearing to the final grade we have the excavating solution for your next project.

At Burns Excavation we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the excavating industry, our affordable pricing, as well as safe and clean working conditions.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Serving Kitsap, Mason, And Jefferson counties. Burns Excavation was built with the mission of providing quality excavation services and relationships with both our clients, and contractors.

For ALL your earth moving needs, we are the one to call!

What our clients say about us.

Jay Strasbaugh

Jeff Burns was hired to install a French drain in front of my shop and to lay some rock in my driveway. Burns excavating did an outstanding job and was fast. Thank you again Jeff for your quality and pride, it’s very much appreciated.

Cameron Durbin

Recently moved to the area and needed a lot of work done on the property. Called Around to multiple companies and nobody could make it out as fast as Jeff and his crew. Great work, was completed very fast and most importantly was very good on price have used them again and will continue to do so if anymore work is needed great company to work with. Highly recommended for any work you might need done.

Karina Syrova

We had a great experience with Burns Excavation. Professional work done on schedule with clear communication. It was obvious from day one that the team is very experienced and knowledgable in working on undeveloped sites. Will most definitely be working with them again! Thank you!


We provide residential and commercial excavation services, site development, grading and road building, storm drains, foundations, drainage, hauling, and more!

Full Service Site Devopment

We start with land clearing, grading and excavating while implementing erosion control. We continue with clearing and installation of underground utilities. The finishing touches include asphalt paving, and road building. From clearing to final grade, Burns Excavation is outfitted to handle whatever you are needing to build.

Land Clearing & Grading

Our land clearing process consists of clearing the site down to the ground level so we may begin grading. Grading is the act of leveling or smoothing any particular soil base in preparation for construction projects, landscaping, or road building. We also grade the land around the house, remove large rocks and smooth the soil.


Whether it be a stick-built or modular home. We can excavate for any type of foundation. Our process consists of clearing the land, framing the area desired. Following that we grade and level the land to the correct form, excavate what is needed and then lay the foundation.

Clearing, Logging, and Hauling

Does your site require land clearing? Do you have many trees on your land? Have no fear, we are equipped to log and haul them off to prepare the site for development.


Poor drainage will cause obvious problems such as foul odor, insects, standing water, diseased or dying plants, mud, and ruined turf. Planning and installing proper drainage will prevent these problems, especially during storms and rainy seasons. Types of drainage we have excavated with include Side house drainage, septic drainage, water collection drainage

Road Building

We build gravel roads in a way that keeps your land clear and clean by making sure the drainage of the road is carefully considered. Improper grader use can actually damage the road, so using the correct technique is essential and often best left to professionals!


Our septic team has installed a large range of septic systems, there is no septic that we can’t handle. Our process is quite simple, measure the septic and then excavate accordingly.

Water Mains and Services

Our water mains team has the necessary knowledge to make sure your water mains are installed correctly. After excavation and proper trenching, we lay the water mains according to government regulations. The water mains inspector comes to make sure we have done it correctly, we then backfill the trenches.


Our demolition team has the necessary expertise, equipment, and connections to return your site to level land, on schedule and safely! We can remove homes, apartment buildings and barns with finesse – and with minimal impact on the neighborhood. Avoid pre-construction headaches by letting Burns Excavation take over your Demolition needs.

Trench Digging

Trench Digging in excavation is the creation of a depression in the earth generally deeper than it is wide, as well as narrow compared to its length.

Quality excavation at the right price.