What is clearing and grading?

Grading in excavation is the work of ensuring a level base, or a specified slope.

Land clearing is the work of removing stones, trees, stumps, and other obstructions to the site.

Land clearing is essential to any new site to ensure your bases are level from the start.

What do clearing and grading services do?

Our land clearing process consists of clearing the site down to the ground level so we may begin grading.

Grading is the act of leveling or smoothing any particular soil base in preparation for construction projects, landscaping, or road building. We also grade the land around the house, remove large rocks and smooth the soil.

The goal of clearing and grading the land is to prepare it for further development such as connecting to roads, connecting to utilities, digging a pool, basement, or foundation, demolition of current structures.

What is the cost of grading and clearing land?

The cost of clearing and grading a plot of land depends on a few factors. Generally the cost lands anywhere between a dollar or two per square foot. If the area is heavily wooded it will cost hundreds of dollars per square foot.

What factors influence the cost of land clearing and grading?

  • Size of the land
  • Amount and density of trees
  • Date of recent land survey
  • Amount and density of rocks and boulders

These factors will help to determine what heavy machinery is needed to complete the job and they allow for the estimation of man hours required.

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